Neysa Fanwick Memorial Scholarship Endowment

The Neysa Fanwick Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a master’s degree candidate in social work dedicated to addressing injustices within various systems, including, but not limited to, criminal justice, foster care, healthcare, and education. These candidates will demonstrate a commitment to developing innovative solutions that foster positive change, with experience working in health and mental health settings. Applications will be evaluated based on their alignment with the fund’s mission.

About The Scholarship And Its Namesake

Neysa-Fanwick In the optimistic spirit of the soulful and spirited humanitarian, Neysa Fanwick, this endowment will help support the education of MSW students who are taking action to help vulnerable populations. Potential candidates will have worked in mental health fields helping to solve the most critical, emerging social and health problems with creative solutions.

As a global citizen and experienced social worker, Neysa helped vulnerable people who were faced with an array of mental health issues.  She advocated for people who were unfairly treated by oppressive practices in the criminal justice system, foster care, and education systems to help these individuals recognize their strengths, rights, and potential for change.  She explored ways in which young people could be empowered through education, skills-development, and mentoring.  Neysa believed in the power of the individual and community to make real change on a larger scale.   

Neysa-FanwickNeysa earned her MSW from Tulane University. Those who worked with her called her a natural leader.  Working for several years at NO/AIDS in New Orleans, Neysa’s colleagues said she was known as an “angel,” helping those at risk.  “Neysa’s smile, laugh, and voice are definitely missed around our office, as she will be forever. She had the gift of making an impact on those she met, and those of us at NO/AIDS all felt that. The community has lost a beautiful soul, one that can never be replaced, and certainly will never be forgotten.”

Outside of work, Neysa volunteered in Thailand teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) and in New Orleans with GIRLS, INC - an organization aligned with her values and with her commitment to empower young women.  She completed her certification to become an official volunteer with the Orleans Parish Police Department Mobile Crisis Unit Team – and she fostered dogs.  Neysa’s compassion knew no bounds. And it is in this spirit that the Neysa Fanwick Endowment Scholarship will celebrate her compassion and instill her caring approach in a new generation of social workers.

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Neysa Fanwick Memorial Scholarship Guidelines

The Neysa Fanwick Memorial Scholarship Endowment is awarded based on the projected annual earnings to the fund and contributions. A panel reviews applicants and selects the award recipient.

One scholarship of $5,000 will be given each year, contingent upon the earnings being sufficient to sustain this sum.

To apply, students must be a member of NASW and have applied to, or have been accepted into, an accredited MSW program (payment of the award will be contingent on the full admission of the candidate into the program). 

No minimum grade point average (GPA) is required, but applicant should demonstrate strong graduation potential.

Application Requirements

  • NASW membership, in good standing, is a mandatory requirement to receive an NASW Foundation Scholarship Award. Awardees must maintain active membership throughout the award period.
  • Applicants who are current members in good standing can apply for a scholarship using their current membership ID number.
  • To apply for NASW membership visit the NASW website (Online Join) or download and complete NASW‘s “Membership Application" found at  "Online Join." New members will receive email confirmation of membership, which will include a member ID and password.  Applicants awaiting acceptance into a CSWE-accredited program must include, with the membership form, their application to the MSW program with a letter from the college/university verifying the application has been received
  • Non-members interested in applying can join NASW:  1) if they have a social work degree (BSW/MSW) or are matriculating in a CSWE-accredited social work program; or 2) are enrolled in or awaiting acceptance into a CSWE-accredited program.
  • Applicants either must be or plan to be enrolled in a social work degree program to maintain eligibility.  Award is disbursed in two installments, at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.  Applicants graduating before the 1st installment are not eligible.  
  • Application form.
  • Biographical essay (two typed, double-spaced pages). Essay must address career goals, interests, and work, volunteer, and school/field experience relevant to the guidelines of the award.
  • Statement of merit and financial need for the award (up to one page, why is financial assistance needed). 
  • Two letters of support from professional references (you will be asked to provide the names and email addresses of two professional references). Letters can be written by a candidate's professors; individuals or leaders of groups with whom the candidate has worked in a helping capacity; an employer/supervisor; and so on. Character references or references from clients or family members will not be accepted. If the applicant is applying for renewed funding from the NASW Foundation, one of the two references must be obtained from the applicant’s academic advisor.
  • Official copy of a transcript from the most recent academic work (undergraduate or graduate). Transcript may opened to make photocopies. Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted.
  • Signed release of information.

Only completed applications will be considered. Questions should be directed to:

The call for applications will open mid-January 2025.


Please contact us at

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