The NASW Legacy Project

The NASW Legacy Project - so named for its commitment to "linking empowerment, growth, advocacy, and caring for more than 50 Years" - was created in 2001 to preserve NASW's historical record. The goal of the Project is to enable NASW to identify and preserve the photographs, books, papers, and other documents that will tell the NASW story for many decades to come. The NASW Foundation began fundraising for the Project, with support from the NASW Social Work Pioneers®, in the Fall of 2001. Thanks to generous support of NASW members and friends, more than $63,000 has been raised to date.

NASW 60th Anniversary

To learn about important events NASW’s history please follow this link to an interactive timeline created for NASW's 60th Anniversary in 2015.  Use it to learn more about the impact NASW and its members have had on society and the profession in the association's first 60 years.

NASW Facts & History Of Social Work

To better understand NASW's mission, its activities, its members, types of social work, and the history of social work, please follow this link to the NASW website section on facts about social work and the profession.

Former NASW President Kurt Reichert Marches In New York - From NASW Archives

Civil Rights Documentary

How NASW Mobilized for Civil Rights is narrated by Kurt Reichert, NASW President from 1963-1965. This documentary describes NASW’s role in the Civil Rights Movement.  Receive a complimentary DVD copy with your gift of $20 or more to The NASW Legcy Project by contacting the NASW Foundation at 202-336-8298.