Social Work Public Education Campaign

The National Social Work Public Education Campaign is an ongoing outreach effort led by the National Association of Social Workers, in conjunction with the NASW Foundation, to educate key stakeholders nationally about the importance of the profession. Stakeholders include, but are not limited to, American citizens, the media, policymakers, employers, and social workers. 

The campaign showcases the many ways people of all walks of life come in contact with social work services. The objective is to tell compelling stories about the diverse individuals and families who benefit from the services professional social workers provide. These stories are communicated in magazine and newspaper ads, in materials sent to journalists across the country, through myriad partner organizations, on radio and TV programs, and on NASW and NASW Foundation websites, and on Social Media.

The NASW Legacy Project

The Foundation launched The NASW Legacy Project in 2001 and collaborates with the NASW Social Work Pioneers® to collect, preserve, and archive documents, photographs, and other artifacts that illuminate the rich history of NASW and the social work profession.  Learn more >>

NASW Social Work Pioneers®

The NASW Pioneers are leaders and role models in the social work profession. Since its launch in 1994, the Pioneer Program has inducted nearly 800 accomplished individuals to its rolls. A comprehensive collection of their stories can be found within the Pioneer Biography Index.  Read More >>

NASW Professional Social Worker Pins

Social Work Pins

Schools of Social Work:  Order Professional Social Worker Pins From The NASW National Public Education Campaign. Recognize graduating students at commencement with a silver-plated NASW Professional Social Worker Pin. For more information follow this link >>


COVID-19 Resources

Social Workers are stepping up during the coronavirus pandemic providing essential support to and advocating for the most vulnerable among us. Get COVID-19 resources and updates from NASW >>