Special Projects

As part of its commitment to enriching the social work profession and empowering social workers to be leaders in social policy and practice the NASW Foundation administers a variety of educational, research, and training programs.  In many of these projects NASW and the NASW Foundation partner with the U.S. Federal Government, as well as other organizations, including Foundations, that provide funding for the initiatives.  

Scholarships, Fellowships & Recognition Awards

The NASW Foundation strives to empower social workers to be leaders in social policy and practice. At the heart of this commitment are national educational, research, and awards programs, which provide: doctoral fellowships, graduate school scholarships, chapter research grants, and national recognition awards.  Learn More >>

NASW Foundation / NASW Chapter Partnership

The NASW Foundation, as the tax-exempt subsidiary of NASW, is available to all NASW Chapters to house funds that are to be used for scientific, educational, and charitable purposes, and for which tax deductibility by the donor is desired. The Foundation is proud of this collaboration and the resulting work.  Read More >>

NASW Social Work Talks Podcast Logo

In Episode 5, NASW Social Work Talks Podcast features the Director of the NASW Foundation, Bob Arnold.   Tune in for a discussion about the Foundation's many educational, research, and  charitable  initiatives.

Social Work HEALS Scholars At U.S. Capitol Building.

HEALS Summit

To learn about the 2019 Social Work HEALS Student Policy Summit in Washington, D.C. March 12-19 , please follow this link to VIEW a special video >>