Tribute To Social Workers

The NASW Foundation remembers and pays special tribute to those Social Workers who lost their lives while performing social work duties.  We want to express our thanks to Dr. Elizabeth Clark, former NASW Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director and former NASW Foundation President; Dr. James J. Kelly, former NASW President; and the NASW Social Work Pioneers® for providing leadership on this important project.

In the October 2010 edition of the NASW News, Dr. Kelly presented an article, "NASW The Urgency of Social Worker Safety," in which he said: 

"We became social workers in an effort to help others. We chose this helping profession because we thought serving others was a cause worthy enough to devote our careers to it. However, unlike many other helping professionals, social workers often must put themselves in harm’s way in order to help their client." 

The full article is available in the 2010 NASW News archive on the NASW website. 

We Remember These Dedicated Social Workers Who Gave Their Lives In Service To Others

NASW Social Work Safety

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Make a contribution to the NASW Foundation in memory of one or all of these brave Social Workers.  Please visit the Memorial & Tribute Fund for more information.