NASW Foundation Funds

The NASW Annual Fund Annual is an essential fundraising vehicle to pay for operating expenses, including staff salaries, overhead, and the programmatic costs that enable us to serve our core audiences the profession, the practitioner, the public.  We fund these expenses with voluntary contributions from donors, including friends, NASW members, corporations, and others; as well as awards and grants from government agencies, foundations, and other entities interested in our work.  Every dollar, of every size, makes a big difference to the Foundation.  To contribute to the NASW Foundation Annual Fund follow this link.  Learn more about funding other exciting programs and campaigns below.

Social Work Public Education Campaign

The National Social Work Public Education (PE) Campaign builds awareness of the social work profession and promotes public access to social work services. It has conducted surveys, placed advertisements and public service announcements, and developed print, broadcast, and digital tools to educate the public about the value of the social work profession.  To learn more, follow this link to the Social Work Public Education Campaign section.  To donate, click this link.

NASW Social Work Pioneers®

The Foundation is home to, and supports, the the NASW Social Work Pioneers® Program, which identifies and honors social workers who have contributed to the evolution and enrichment of the profession. The program recognizes individuals whose unique dedication, commitment, and determination have improved social and human conditions. They are true role models for future generations of social workers. Approximately 800 individuals have achieved the status of pioneer.  To learn more, follow this link to the NASW Social Work Pioneers® Program section.  To donate, click this link.

The NASW Legacy Fund

The Foundation launched The NASW Legacy Project in 2001 and collaborates with the NASW Social Work Pioneers® to collect, preserve, and archive documents, photographs, and other artifacts that illuminate the rich history of NASW and the social work profession. The NASW Legacy Project, and other NASW Social Work Pioneers® projects, bring a historical perspective to current issues and challenges, along with insight to emerging social problems. To learn more, follow this link to the NASW Legacy Project section.  To donate, click this link.

Memorial & Tribute Fund

To honor living individuals, deceased colleagues, mentors, friends, or loved ones, by making a tax-deductible contribution to the NASW Foundation's Memorial & Tribute Fund, follow this link to our Tributes and Memorials section where you can donate and read tributes. All gifts will be acknowledged on the NASW Foundation website and gifts of $100, or more, will be acknowledged in NASW's new magazine Social Work Advocates, which is published six times each year.  You can also leave tributes to NASW friends who have passed away on the NASW Foundation Blog

Social Workers Across Nations

Social Work Across Nations (SWAN) was initiated by NASW to provide a mechanism for social workers to offer their expertise and skills to serve humanitarian needs within the international community on a voluntary basis and to develop collaborative linkages with other countries around the world.  To learn more, please follow this link to our International section.  To donate, click this link.

Willard C. Wichers Ethics Education Fund

The Willard C. Wichers Program fund was created by Elizabeth DuMez to honor her father, a dedicated public servant whose life epitomized ethical sensibility. The Wichers Program upholds the social work profession's mission, principles, and values through ethics education. It supports professional development programs for social workers focused on building knowledge about the NASW Code of Ethics; its application and implications in various specialty practice areas; fostering proficiency in ethical problem-solving; and, advancing ethical practice across the social work profession.  To learn more, please follow this link to the Willard C. Wichers section.  To donate, click this link.

Draft Copy Of Will

NASW Foundation Planned Giving

A bequest, or gift by will, is the method most frequently used to make a future gift to the NASW Foundation. Numerous members and friends have already informed the Foundation of plans for gifts of this kind. Undoubtedly, many others have also made provision for the Foundation through a thoughtfully drawn will.  You can leave your legacy as well.  Learn More >>

Two Hands In Compassionate Embrace

Social Work Disaster Assistance Fund

NASW established the Social Work Disaster Assistance Fund to provide assistance to those affected by disasters such as Hurricane Maria’s devastation in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands in 2017; and the California wildfires in 2018. Donations are awarded to social workers and/or social welfare organizations that can provide help to those who have suffered loss and in need of assistance. Learn More >>

Connect to end COVID-19, overlapping speech bubbles

Join NASW’s national Connect to End COVID-19 effort, a CDC-funded initiative to support social workers and their clients in informed vaccine decision-making. Complimentary webinars and CEUs available. Learn about Connect to End COVID-19

COVID-19 Virus Cells

COVID-19 Resources

Social Workers are stepping up during the coronavirus pandemic providing essential support to and advocating for the most vulnerable among us. Get COVID-19 resources and updates from NASW

NASW Social Work Talks Podcast Logo

In Episode 5, NASW Social Work Talks Podcast features the Director of the NASW Foundation, Bob Arnold.   Tune in for a discussion about the Foundation's many educational, research, and  charitable  initiatives.