Gifts By Will Or Trust

A bequest, or gift by will, is the method most frequently used to make a future gift to the NASW Foundation.  Numerous members and friends have already informed the NASW Foundation of plans for gifts of this kind.  Undoubtedly, many others have also made provision for the NASW Foundation through a thoughtfully drawn will.  There is growing realization among donors that small as well as large bequests can make it possible for the NASW Foundation to meet increasing opportunities to make an impact.  Whatever the size, each bequest is valued as a commitment to the future of the NASW Foundation.

Gift Options

Within the framework of a will there are several possibilities for making gifts: 

  • The simplest of these is the outright gift of specified funds or property.  When an estate seems likely to exceed the requirements needed for family security, and the donor has a definite idea of the provision to be made for the NASW Foundation, a specific bequest may be well advised.
  • A bequest to the NASW Foundation of property not readily saleable usually results in a reduction of the taxable portion of an estate.  Real estate, royalties from patents and copyrights, art objects, rare books, and securities all lend themselves to gifts by bequest.
  • The ultimate determination of whether to retain or sell property bequeathed to the NASW Foundation should be left to the NASW Foundation’s discretion to assure long-range usefulness.
  • Some donors prefer to provide for a charitable bequest on a residual basis, after specifying direct bequests which do not exhaust the full estate.  In such a case, the NASW Foundation can be named as a residual beneficiary to receive whatever is left over, or some fractional amount of the remainder.  A bequest of this type adjusts itself automatically to the size of the estate.

Various combinations of provisions similar to those described in this Planned Giving section may apply to a donor's circumstances.  A trust counselor or other financial advisor can help in estate planning, but wills should be drawn or modified only by an attorney.  The NASW Foundation does not render financial or legal advice, but staff members are available to consult with a donor and advisors to assure that a gift will provide the greatest possible satisfaction and do the NASW Foundation the greatest possible good. 

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NASW Foundation Annual Fund

The Foundation implements an annual fundraising campaign to fulfill, expand, and amplify its core mission and programs. The Foundation raises dollars to fund operating expenses, including staff salaries, overhead, and programmatic costs.   Learn More >>

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Memorials and Tributes . . .

To honor living individuals, deceased colleagues, mentors, friends, or loved ones, by making a tax-deductible contribution please visit our Memorials and Tributes section. All gifts will be acknowledged on the NASW Foundation website and gifts of $100, or more, will be acknowledged in NASW's new magazine Social Work Advocates, which is published six times each year. You can also leave tributes to NASW friends who have passed away on the NASW Foundation Blog.